With the continuous advancement of policies such as clean energy and coal-to-electricity conversion, Y.K.R air-source swimming pool heat pump with significant advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, safety, and comfort have gradually replaced traditional coal, fuel, gas, and other hot water equipment. It is widely used in hotels and other places.

What are the advantages of Y.K.R air-source swimming pool heat pump?
1. Safety and environmental protection, no pollution. No coal consumption, no fuel oil, neither need to worry about coal price, nor safety issues of fire and explosion, and the user process does not emit pollutants to the environment, so there is no pressure on environmental protection.
2. The temperature control is precise and more comfortable.
It can automatically adjust the flow according to the ambient temperature, water temperature, and other data to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the unit. And it is not affected by natural climates such as wind, light, rain, snow, etc., and the swimming pool can be kept at a constant temperature throughout the year.