R32 Air Source Heat Pump – YK-04/BPKTR3-F

///R32 Air Source Heat Pump – YK-04/BPKTR3-F

R32 Air Source Heat Pump – YK-04/BPKTR3-F

  1. YKR split DC inverter heat pump provides a whole solution of heating, cooling, and hot water for residential and light commercial applications.
  2. R32 series heat pumps adopt a DC inverter compressor, motor, and intelligent control, this series is a frequency conversion heat pump system with high efficiency.
  3. The split type inverter heat pump has a flexible installation. YKR split DC inverter heat pump has multiple functions to meet the different needs of life.


The Features of YKR R32 Split EVI full Inverer Heat Pump

  • 1.YKR EVI DC inverter heat pumps can moderately adjust the temperature in the long-term state, keeping a low frequency to work intelligently.
  • 2.The DC split inverter heat pump employs more sophisticated technology and guarantees user safety and quietness.
  • 3.Intelligent Control: With WIFI one-touch start, the users control the heat pump anywhere and anytime.


Environment Friendly and Safety: The refrigerant R32 is considered to be environment friendly.

  • For the European market, YKR air source heat pump adopts R32 green gas and inverter EVI technology to meet the strict requirements of efficiency, stability, and quietness, which can greatly reduce electricity consumption.


  • Energy labels are placed on every domestic electrical appliance sold in the European Union. This is regulated by a special EU Directive 2010/30/EU. Labels provide the consumer with information about the product’s quality, specifically its energy efficiency.

    Energy efficiency is represented by seasonal space heating efficiency (ns).This value is based upon the seasonal coefficient of performance(SCOP).

    ERP directives indicate energy efficiency classes for YKR heat pumps

    ns on average up to A+++ at 35°C

    ns on average up to A+t at55″C   


YKR’s self-developed online intelligent remote control system has highly integrated control functions that can be accessed via a remote APP. The system is simple to use, stable in operation, and truly intelligent, achieving man-machine separation.


  • Y.K.R Air to Water Heat Pump constitutes to a total solution for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water.

Model Unit YK-03/BPKTR3-F YK-04/BPKTR3-F YK-05/BPKTR3-F YK-06/BPKTR3-F
Power Supply V/Hz/Ph 220~240/50-60/1 220~240/50-60/1 220~240/50-60/1 220~240/50-60/1
Heating1 Max. Heating Capacity kW 9.1 12 15 18.6
COP W/W 4.5 4.48 4.5 4.47
Heating Capacity Min./Max. kW 4.0/9.1 5.3/12 6.6/15 8.2/18.6
Heating power Input Min./Max. kW 0.727/2.02 0.97/2.68 1.2/3.33 1.5/4.16
COP Min./Max. W/W 4.5/5.5 4.48/5.46 4.5/5.5 4.47/5.45
Heating2 Max. Heating Capacity kW 8.5 11.1 14 17.3
COP W/W 3.6 3.58 3.6 3.56
Heating Capacity Min./Max. kW 3.8/8.5 4.8/11.1 6.1/14 7.6/17.3
Heating power Input Min./Max. kW 0.863/2.36 1.1/3.1 1.39/3.89 1.75/4.85
COP Min./Max. W/W 3.6/4.4 3.58/4.35 3.6/4.4 3.57/4.34
Cooling1 Max. Cooling Capacity kW 8.2 10.8 13.5 16.7
EER W/W 3.45 3.42 3.45 3.42
Cooling Capacity Min./Max. kW 3.6/8.2 4.6/10.8 5.8/13.5 7.2/16.7
Cooling Power Input Min./Max. kW 0.878/2.38 1.135/3.15 1.41/3.91 1.77/4.88
EER Min./Max. W/W 3.45/4.1 3.42/4.05 3.45/4.09 3.42/4.06
Cooling2 Max. Cooling Capacity kW 6.6 8.7 10.9 13.5
EER W/W 2.8 2.78 2.79 2.78
Cooling Capacity Min./Max. kW 3.05/6.6 3.92/8.7 4.9/10.9 6.1/13.5
Cooling Power Input Min./Max. kW 0.871/2.35 1.12/3.12 1.4/3.90 1.76/4.85
EER Min./Max. W/W 2.8/3.5 2.78/3.48 2.79/3.5 2.78/3.46
Rated Current A 9 11.9 15 18.5
Max Current A 14.5 19 24.5 30
SCOP Level (35°C)   A+++ A+++ A+++ A+++
SCOP Level (55°C)   A++ A++ A++ A++
Working Ambient Temperature ﹣30~43  
Operating Water Temperature 7~60  
Refrigerant   R32  

  • YKR offers well created value-added services. You may be confident that we will assist you in understanding the heat pump industry thoroughly and gaining experience in the field and becoming a new star in the heat pump industry even if this is your first exposure to it. 

    • Customized Product Website Design Service

           YKR will assist you to establish your own brand product website, provide original design materials, and enhance your exposure and competitiveness in the local market.

    •  Customized Product Catalog and Product Folding Design Service

    1. We can provide product catalog design in line with your brand image.
    2. Customized product folding design and printing.

    • Customized Product Appearance Design and Pump Controller Design Services

    1. To provide you a distinctive, cutting-edge, and stylish appearance so that your products stand out and are more competitive and attractive on the local market.
    2. Develop a bespoke app for your product and a pump control interface with your brand elements to provide more iconic services.


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