The air source heat pumps have cast an enchanting spell over the massive household sector of the world’s developing countries. This trend of adopting energy-saving and eco-friendly technologies doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. However, if you also want to know whether investing in residential air source heat pump units is a clever call to make, you should first dig out more information regarding the topic, and this article guide is exactly for you.


The Functions of a Residential Air Source Heat Pump

The residential air source heat pump can behave as a heating and cooling agent to influence the targeted place correspondingly. Being an energy-efficient solution engineered to tackle all climatic conditions, it can warm a place in wintry seasons while it can also cool down the excessive heat inside a closed environment. This effective heat pump is not only restricted to managing the temperature of an enclosed place. It can also heat stored water in cylinders for all kinds of washing purposes. Subsequently, you can relax under a hot shower or take a warm bubble bath to calm your nerves after a hectic day at work.


The Advantages of a Residential Air Source Heat Pump

Undoubtedly, there are a plethora of ingenious whip hands that a reliable residential air-to-air heat pump technology has to offer to its customers. So, let’s look at the top three reasons why investing in the best residential heat pumps from Y.K.R. is the most lucrative decision you will ever make.  


Lower Fuel Bills

One of the significant perks of owning a residential air source heat pump from us is saving a handful of money on your high energy bills. That’s because the working mechanism of such heat pumps is built to work smartly and efficiently. Our heat pumps utilize the ambient heat in the environment and demand limited electrical energy to warm up your house, thereby lowering fuel bills.


Reduce Maintenance Costs with a Long Lifespan

If you own one residential heat pump from us, you can also enjoy a couple of extra luxurious upper hands over the ordinary heat pump users inevitably. For instance, you don’t have to worry about the regular part exchanging trouble. Patently, this prominent trait translates into a minimized repair expenditure that is enough to endorse the most efficient air source heat pump devices as being a gainful investment in the longer run.


Reduce Carbon Emissions

In the present day and age, where the control of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is counted among the biggest concerns of all, the latest design models of the residential heat pump units are also engineered to follow the given environment protection protocols respectively. In contrast to traditional boilers and furnaces, our new residential air source heat pump models are made to be about 2.2 to 4.5 times more efficient than gas furnaces. In other words, this means that you can cut down over 2 tons of carbon every year only by bringing our heat pumps into the play of your residential settings.


Residential Air Source Heat Pump Is Suitable for Every Household

Often people feel stuck in a quandary of whether a residential air source heating system is the right choice to fulfill the diverse needs of their distinct household or if they should search for a different heating system altogether. However, all of their concerns become meaningless when they come to realize the fact that modern residential heat pump units are designed to satisfy the varied requirements of different households in various countries. In short, the updated household air source heat pump models are remarkably capable of being utilized as the primary source of every household to offer heating and cooling as well as supply hot water accordingly.


benefits of heat pump for houses


What Is the Size of the Heat Pump Suitable for Households?

Tiny measurement notes of the heat pump size and its respective placement area are counted as part of the buying process to eliminate the chances of any possible mistakes. In general, your precise size calculation for your desired residential air source heat pump should be done while keeping the size of your house in mind. A small heat pump is appropriate to serve a small house and vice versa.


To be more exact, a 100 square meter house will probably need a 5kW residential air source heat pump, while a 10kW heating system will be sufficient for a house that covers 200 square meters of property on land. And fortunately, all these characteristics are promptly available in the best residential heat pumps manufactured by industrial experts, named “Y.K.R.”


The Best Residential Heat Pump from Y.K.R

Meanwhile, it would be best if you dug deep into some predominant characteristic parameters of the residential air-to-air heat pump appliances to evaluate the present design model’s actual worth. In the main, you should look out for the heating or cooling capacity of the desired heat pump, the type of compressor, the overall performance, and the efficiency rate of the system.


A clever move at this point would be to go with a heat pump specialist like “Y.K.R.” We have manufactured impeccable residential heat pump implements that are not only energy-efficient but also have outstanding eco-friendly features efficaciously. With such clean and green technology functions, our heat pumps are highly compatible with internationally celebrated brand accessories that go beyond reproach.


Another cherry on top is our exquisitely built product called “R32 Air Source Heat Pump – YK-04/BPKTR3-F,” which has all the high-demand capabilities. Apart from energy-saving and eco-friendliness, some other highlighted features of this residential air source heat pump unit are the integrated EVI DC inverter, sophisticated technology functions that guarantee a relaxed and quiet surrounding with a user safety assurance, conforming to the protocols of the European market that imposes the warranty of smart functions, and the online control features. For more detail about our heating system, please contact us.

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