YKR is a heat pumps supplier that has committed to delivering options that result in reduced energy consumption by exchanging conventional heating, cooling, and hot water equipment with cutting-edge technological solutions.

What exactly is a heat pump, then?


A device known as a heat pump transfers thermal energy by taking advantage of the difference in temperature that exists between two or more bodies. The heating and cooling system that you have in your home is an example of the most popular kind of heat pump. These systems pull warm air from within the house and use it to cool the air outside. Heat pumps are versatile enough to serve both as a source of heating and cooling.


Because heat pumps circulate air rather than fuel, they require significantly less power to operate than conventional methods of heating and cooling. This indicates that they are an excellent choice for decreasing your energy consumption while remaining within your financial capabilities.


One of the most significant advantages of making use of a heat pump is the potential for cost savings in one’s monthly energy bill. Heat pumps are most effective in situations in which there is a significant temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors. As a result, these systems are best utilized in regions that experience chilly winters and scorching summers. It is possible that a heat pump will not be as efficient as a conventional system in regions that do not experience temperatures that are consistently very cold or very hot throughout the year.


How YKR Contributes to the Fight Against Climate Change through the Implementation of Solutions That Consume Less Energy


Their heat pumps are among the most efficient available on the market, and they provide several solutions that reduce overall energy usage, including the following:


1) Low-Energy Cooling: The technology that we use to provide low-energy cooling can assist keep your house or workplace cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. People who desire to lower their energy bills without sacrificing their comfort may find this to be an excellent answer to their problem.


2) Heat Pump Water Heating: If you’re seeking an efficient method to warm up water without breaking the bank, the heat pump water heating system that we provide is a fantastic choice for you to consider. It saves money on your power bill because it has a lower energy consumption compared to other possible heating choices.


  • Heat Pump Ventilation: Not only can air conditioning be expensive, but improper usage of it can also cause damage to your respiratory system. You won’t need to rely on your air conditioner as much if you install our heat pump ventilation system because it will help you maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.