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Hot Product

As an experienced heat pump supplier, YKR adopts world-renowned brand accessories to equip heat pumps, which makes the product lower energy consumption, low noise, and long service life. YKR’s self-develop online intelligent remote control system is equipped with highly integrated control functions, which can operate via a remote APP. The system is easy to manipulate, stable in performance and is truly a smart operating system that realizes man-machine separation.

YKR R32 Monobloc EVI Full Inverter Heat Pump

Providing a whole solution of heating, cooling, hot water for residential and light commercial application.One machine has multiple functions to meed different needs of life.

YKR R32 Split EVI Full Inverter Heat Pump

The R32 heat pump is designed in matt black and silver white, with an elegant appearance.The split type has flexible installaion.

YKR R410A Monobloc EVI Full DC Inverter Heat Pump

R410A heat pump is suitable for cold areas, providing residential heating, heating, hot water, etc.

YKR Heat Recovery Multi-functional Commercial Heat Pump

This is a cost-effective commercial water heater that provides efficient hot water and heating for schools, hotels, shopping malls.

YKR Commercial Hot Water Heat Pump

It can work stably in high temperature hot water applications.It has very low operating costs compared to traditional heat sources.

YKR R290 EVI  FULL  DC Inverter Heat Pump

The unit can operate efficiently at low temperature, maintain high COP, reliable stability, and strong heating capacity.

Application Case

Y.K.R air-source heat pump has stable performance and is not easily affected by the environment throughout the year, and it can be used in schools, hotels, restaurants, home housing, etc.




Heat Pump Manufacturer

Guangdong Y.K.R New Energy Co., Ltd. is an air-source heat pump manufacturer specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of all types of heat pump products for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Y.K.R New Energy has awarded certifications,  including the CE, ISO14001, ISO9001, ERP, and so on.


With a growing desire to improve people’s lives and the quality of heat pumps, we are committed to providing lower energy consumption solutions to replace traditional heating, cooling, and hot water equipment while remaining environmentally friendly.




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